Cuarteto Hall Of Fame Analysis

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In San Martín Street, between Colón Avenue and Humberto 1° Street, we find the “Cuarteto´s Hall of Fame”. Here are exposed commemorative plaques of famous cuarteto´s singers. For Example: Carlos Jimenez, Carlos Rolán, Coquito Ramaló, Gary and Rodrigo Bueno. In the middle off the street, is Leonor Marzano´s sculpture. Leonor is sitting, playing her piano. There are three frogs up the piano. Here 's the explanation: in the first time of cuarteto, Leonor and hers band, the “Cuarteto Característico” played their music in rural areas. In these areas there were many mosquitoes. Mosquitoes caused a lot of discomfort. One day, during a show, one spectator said: “I will solve the problem”. He put three frogs on the piano. That 's why the frogs
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