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On Friday August 26 ,2016 El Paso Scottish Rite and The city of Las Cruces presents Cuatro para tango at the Rio Grande Theatre. Cuatro para Tango is a group from Mexico who plays a unique way of tango, that recreates a blending of contemporary play techniques with different styles and genres. The four male individual’s, Jorge Lopez Ramos on Guitar, Leopoldo Gonzalez on Flute, Emiliano Lopez on Clarinet and the bass player who is also the composer and writer of the group Andres Martin. The group plays their music through their culture the all comes from different parts of Mexico and through their music its represents them and where they come from.
The first song they start off with is called Michelangelo by Astor Pizzolla, with that piece it was such a strong introduction you could hear the silence in the crowd it was astonishing. The second piece they played was a new song they are starting to perform, this was the second time ever playing it, called A fuego lento by Horacio Salgan. The dynamic in the pieces were amazing as well, but really interested me in this piece was the flute and clarinet. The notes they were playing were so high speed and challenging it was so cool to see because I know that takes some hard work to pull that off and still be in tempo. Tango is also a form of dancing, so while
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Un paseo por el valle means a walk through a valley, that what they were doing with their music they were walking us through a musical journey. It was such an amazing piece to end the concert with. My experience with Cuatro para Tango was amazing experience it was moving and passionate. It cools to see the way they played with show much love for their music and their culture. At the end of the concert the speaker said that they were the “true representation of Mexico “I believe that is correct they represent their country in beautiful, unique way of

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