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Culture is generally defined as the knowledge and characteristics of a particular group of People, encompassing language, cuisine, religion, social habits, music and arts. In every corner of the world, there is a different culture and because of this different societies exist while holding completely different beliefs (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018). Cuba is a great example of a country with many variations of culture, terrain and is very rich with history.
In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Cuba, and its Amerindian population slowly declined from the development of the Spanish colony. Spain imported many slaves from Africa to work the coffee and sugar plantations and Havana became the main port for ships from Mexico
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Mountains and hills cover a quarter of the overall landmass, however the majority of the country is open plains. Other areas of the island that are worth noting are its many caves, beaches, and roughly 600 rivers (The World Factbook, 2017). The country itself is largely urban, however it has only a single major city known as Havana. Havana is on the northwest coast of the island, and it is not only the main source of the commercial industry within the country but it also serves as the capitol. Havana is covered in beaches and its beautiful waterfront is a prime source of tourists and visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, there are multiple other cities in Cuba, which are plentiful with Spanish architecture alongside the normal urban buildings of the cities (Encyclopedia of Historic Places, 2007). Examples of which include the cities of Santiago, Holguin and Trinidad (The World Factbook, 2017). Transportation between these cities is done mostly through roads as the rail system built between Baneful and Havana in 1837 was deteriorating after the revolution in 1959. However, much of the rail system has been restored and is used in assisting the sugar industry in Cuba. Majority of the road traffic in Cuba happens to cause many safety issues because of the mixture of people, cars, bicycles and many horse drawn vehicles on

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