Cuban Missile Crisis: Worst Catastrophes In US History

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Cuban Missile Crisis The reign of Hitler and Pearl Harbor were some of the worst catastrophes in U.S. history. The Cuban Missile Crisis was another terrible war. It’s hard to believe the Cuban Missile Crisis was a crisis over the rule of Cuba. The Russian’s and the American’s both wanted to claim this territory but only one could have it. Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy were the two representatives of the countries that tried to claim this land.
The Cuban Missile was a duel between the U.S. and Russia. Over 13 days the U.S. and Russia were in a political and military standoff in 1962 when Russia put Soviet missiles in Cuba. John F. Kennedy notified the Americans that he was going to enforce a naval blockade to stop the Russians from going into Cuba. The Americans were
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Kennedy thought any other ideas so he ordered the U.S. Navy to employ a naval blockade to stop the Soviets from getting to Cuba and putting their missiles on Cuban land. They had thought about bombing the missile’s sites and had a full scale invasion of Cuba. But Kennedy thought that the naval blockade would be the smartest and safest way to stop the Soviets from getting missiles into Cuba. Then he would deliver an ultimatum, or demand, that the existing missiles be removed. On October 22, 1962 President Kennedy notified the Americans of the missiles and his plan to try and stop them from getting into Cuba and advised them that they would use military force if necessary.
On October 24 the Soviet ships carrying the missiles closed in on the American ships enforcing the naval blockade. If they had tried to break through the blockade it would have likely sparked a military confrontation that could have changed to a nuclear exchange. But the ships stopped short of the naval

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