Cuban Narrative

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After being on a plan for a little over an hour we landed on Cuban soil. I got up from my seat, walked out of the plane and passed security inspection. Once I left the airport I could feel the intense rays of the sun. I put my arm across my face. Sweat formed on my forehead. My brother, mother, and grandmother got in a taxi and drove to the home of my grandmothers current husband’s family. All of the doors were open. We didn’t knock we just went straight inside the home. I didn’t know a single person in that house. As we were escorted into our room I noticed there was just one bed covered in a mosquito nest. “Why is that around the whole bed?” I said. “Hi, I’m Maria and we do that to keep the mosquitoes away,” she said. “Why not close…show more content…
“I can’t wait to hear this,” I thought to myself. “I’m pretty sure she made me a special cake, well us a special cake.” “Everyone please look to the right end of the backyard,” Maria said. We all turned our heads. All I could see were the animals in the cages, except for this one big. It was huge. “I hope they don’t give us this pig as a pet,” I thought to myself. I prefer dogs.” “Let the celebrations begin,” Maria said. Four men headed to the deep end of the backyard. They chased the pig until they caught it and placed it on top of a table. One of the guys took out a knife and stabbed the pig. I closed my eyes and began to shake. Everyone cheered and gathered around the pig. I didn’t move. Some stranger grabbed me and placed me in front of the pig. “Do you like it?” he said. I didn’t respond. “She’s really shy,” my mother said. “OK, let’s take pictures,” Maria said. They placed my hand on the pig’s stomach. Everyone smiled. I didn’t move. They prepared the pig and began to roast him in the backyard. They went back to their tables and continued dance and sing. No one noticed my discomfort. I excused myself by saying I was getting a
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