Cuban-US Relationship Essay

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The Cuban-U.S relationship was a smooth and promising one until it got entangled in a web of an unforeseen catastrophe. Cuba is a sovereign state operating under a unitary government and a former colony of the Spanish empire up until after the Spanish-American war in1898 that saw the defeat of Spain by the United State and this was as a result of the fight against colonialism which the United States took upon itself to liberate its neighboring countries coupled with its expansionist desires. And, ever since then, the United State has been directing the Cuban affairs politically and economically. After the coup that led to the exit and overthrow of General Fulgencio Batista in 1959 by Fidel Castro, the American hope of establishing a stronger bond with Cuba in order to keep its business interest flourishing began staggering as a result of the building of economic ties with
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More than 50 years of a diplomatic isolation, a closed door and a completely black out scenario initiated by the United States former president Dwight D. Eisenhower as he ordered for a termination of all diplomatic ties with Cuba. Clearly, the increasing closeness of Cuba with a communist state posed a threat to the United States interest thereby prompting a due response through series of unsuccessful attempts to topple Fidel Castro’s government – Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose amongst others. The Installation of missiles in Cuba as requested by Fidel Castro by the Soviet Union further caused more damage to an already dysfunctional relationship. This paper won’t be focused on establishing a new ideology to the issue rather, building on scholarly works. The research is aimed at examining the ties between the United States and Cuba as it relates to a typical North-South relation, how this relationship has evolved, a need for a rapprochement, and an analysis of a possibility in a transition from a North-South relationship to a partnership in regards to the unfolding of
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