Cuban Revolution Research Paper

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Many revolutions have happened in Latin America throughout its short history, many of the revolutions that have occurred have been the product of oppression by governments and military groups that have flexed their political muscles in order to get what they want. Cuba was one of the countries that were under oppression by its own government, the authoritarian president Fulgencio Batista was the mastermind behind many wrong doings in Cuba for an extended time period in Cuba’s history, one example would be the Cuba’s cane industry being controlled by American companies. These companies paid an unfair wage to their workers and in some case they took over lands that were already taken. Another revolution that had similar interests and tried to…show more content…
While the Cuban revolution lasted for almost six years, the civil war in El Salvador or more known as the 12 year war lasted for exactly 12 years, that is the double of amount of years and also means that more people were killed during those 12 years. In El Salvador farmers mostly were in a similar situation as in Cuba with low wages for company workers and exploitation of farmer workers, these farmers did not have any rights and they could not farm their land without being forced to pay taxes to local wealthy people who controlled the region and also the army. Most farmers in El Salvador were under a 50 year dictatorship by the Salvadoran army who was control by wealthy people not even the government but wealthy people; often the wealthy part of El Salvador would pay they army large amounts of cash in order to be protected by the government and also farmers who were seeking justice. So this meant that most of the land of in El Salvador was taxed by this wealthy people. Some other similarities that both revolutions had is the fact that both of its genesis were fired up by university students and because of lack of people both revolutions failed at their very beginning, and also the fact that most of these students had some sort of communist background. The tactics that were used to get people to join their struggle were similar as well. Some of these tactics were teaching them how to read and write, assuring protecting from the government and the army, medical aid, and promises to give land to them once they succeeded with their struggle. As we all know Cuban revolution happened first during the 50’s so my guess is that most of the ideas that Cuban revolution had were soon transported to El Salvador a country with a desperate need of them. Similarly following the same footsteps as Cuba did in El Salvador the FMLN (Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional) the guerrilla group that were
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