Cubicon War: A Short Story

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The everlasting Cubicon war recommence every 30 years. Cubetopia’s 11th king was once again slaughtered by the undead army of Herobrine. The priest limped slowly into the wrecked royal palace, full of anxiety, desperately looking for the Queen. He found her lying under a pile of rubble, breathing faintly. There next to the Queen lay a newborn child; his soft silky hair shone like a constellation in the night sky, with a cry so beautiful it filled her with joy before she blacked out. The Queen 's offspring named Natro, after the God of the Cubed.

* * *10 Years Later* * *

“Master Natro, you have a visitor!” called out his humble butler. It was the priest who saved him 10 years ago, and was a good friend of his father before he died. Natro was very excited to train with him, since he knew everything to know martial about arts, and he didn’t even know where to start. “Greetings, my boy!” the priest greeted Natro. Natro happily waved the priest, and they took off to Dragon ‘s Fountain, the place where all great warriors train and sharpen their abilities. Together they trained for days, months, and years, day and night non-stop. As years passed by, he grew stronger, faster, and smarter. “You ‘re ready,” the priest told him one day “Now, let’s go back and
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“Blazes, they’re here!” exclaimed Natro, “We must stop them.” They were creatures that controlled fire, and created the Sun, or so they 're believed. Without a shadow of doubt, the 2 kung-Fu masters relentlessly fought the sons of fire, and one by one they fell. Just as they thought 'finished ', a portal appeared behind the priest, and out came a mother blaze, size of a 10 – storey building. The priest was unaware of her, and was,by her powerful fireball, knocked out . The Blaze enraged
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