Pablo Picasso And Braque's Cubism

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Throughout history, art has always been an indispensable part of human’s society. From the beginning of time until the development of technology, artworks all around the world have greatly dedicated to the prosperity of our civilization. It is undeniable that without art, our world would gradually lose its beauty and love. As time kept passing by, art continues to fulfill its important mission, thanks to the perpetuating passion that artists have in what they are doing. And a typical artist who has poured all of his heart into every single artwork of his and left invaluable treasures to the art world, who is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century is Pablo Picasso. There are several phrases to the course of his artistic…show more content…
From 1907 to 1914, Pablo Picasso and George Braque have collaborated to create Cubism. In 1908, at the L’Estaque in emulation of Cézanne, the name of the style was created from Louis Vauxcelles’s comment on Braque’s landscape paintings as he regarded the forms of geometry in Braque’s pieces as “cubes”. The beginning of cubism is said to have been inspired by Primitivism as well as art that comes from countries that are out of the West. One example of this is the Demoiselles d’Avignon, which was a painting of Picasso in 1907. The painting was influenced by African Art, and probably by his visit to an ethnographic museum in Paris (Rewald). Nevertheless, at the time, not everyone finds Cubism acceptable, including Leo’s Stein, an American art critic, who is also the brother of Gertrude Stein, an enthusiastic supporter of Picasso. He called the painting “a horrible mess” (Giroud 35-38). This way of thinking is understandable because Cubism disregards principles that are deemed traditional in painting. The objectives of Cubist artists was to embrace the canvas’ sense of two-dimensionality. They did not think that artist should follow the conventional ways of doing perspective and depth or imitating the nature. That is the reason why they broke objects down into forms of geometry and rearrange them into a space that is shallower. Many vantage points are also utilized in Cubism. As we can see, the story about the rise of Cubism is quite interesting because we can see the challenge it faced, and how it challenged the old ways of thinking in art

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