Cubism: Pablo Picasso And Georges Braque

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Cubism is a movement of French art that deviates from the concept of art based on the early 20th century. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque emphasized the geometric shapes that could be presented from different angles at the same time as looking at the object surfaces.
It emerged in the early 20th century. Cubism refers to a picture movement that developed in Paris in the previous years from World War I. At that time a young painter 's band was growing up who were not satisfied with the impressions of portraying the transient effects of the light of modern art, they also did not like the multi-colored paintings of fovs that were gathered around Matisse. According to the Cubist artists, the objects of the outer world should be handled
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A mistaken ending, this phrase, applied to the new painting, can give an idea of the first cubist works of Picasso and Georges Braque that resemble each other at that time. They both portrayed portraits, scenes, still life, where the volumes were intertwined. They were exploring the possibilities of drawing three dimensional objects in the face of a two-dimensional canvas. This was not a new problem; the whole art was the problem of art; but until then, depth could be given through the impression perspective.Picasso and Braque have left this solution aside, first of all, forgetting what a table is: the table is actually a flat surface. Braque and Picasso placed the forms on top of the canvas in a graduated sequence. Already their intention is not what we see the truth, but what it looks like: When we look at an object without changing our place, we see only a part of it, a corner or a faceThe cubists will show the objects on the same image, from the front, from the side, from the top, from the bottom, as if they were circling around. In the same way, they will give a face in both side and two…show more content…
The two painters were very close to the abstract art that was born in other places in Europe.While developing their arts, the cubists pursued the goal of putting the truth into a painting art in a completely original way: the painting adhered to paintings of totally foreign items. Moreover, they had sand blended into their dyes. All of these things are common in contemporary art, but never seen at that time. The cubists did this to show that they did not lose their relationship with reality, and that there was no such thing as a privileged item in the picture, that a table could be done with anything. As long as the table is a consistent composition of forms.With the concern of clarity, they drastically reduced the structural lines and added to their compositions

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