Cuchulainn's Internal Conflict In The Tain

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For the internal conflict in the Tain, there is not many obvious encounters of internal conflict that one character has. Most of the conflict was between two or more people and between bulls. Thus, if the reader is able to read closely, they can see internal conflict from Cuchulainn. There are two incidents where Cuchulainn conflicted with himself. The first time Cuchulainn is trouble inside himself is every time that he Warp-Spasm. When Cuchulainn Warp-Spasm, it is like he is battling with himself and his anger every time that he goes through the Warp-Spasm, because every Warp-Spasm is brought on by him getting agitated by some outside force and he just loses it because he cannot deal with it internally. Cuchulainn is like those people with really bad tempers…show more content…
This helps drive the story because it is another thing that sets Cuchulainn apart from everyone else in the story. The reader is able to see how Cuchulainn differs from others in the story by not just his strength but with his supernatural abilities. Also, the conflict shows the supernatural aspect in the story. The supernatural is able to make to the story a little bit more entertaining to the plot because it lets the other characters in the story talk about how interesting Cuchulainn is and ask “what makes him so special?” The other internal conflict that Cuchulainn faces is when he has to fight Ferdia. When Cuchulainn had to go to fight Ferdia, the reader can feel how Cuchulainn was torn between if he should fight and kill Ferdia or let him go. Cuchulainn tries to pry Ferdia from the idea of fighting him by telling how he killed every last person that came to him, how they are brothers, and that Queen Medb is just playing him. “Ferdia, you did wrong to come fighting with me,’ Cuchulainn said. ‘It is only Ailill and Medb’s ill-doing and meddling.” (The Tain 184) This is important to the narrative because it able to show the honor and love Cuchulainn had for

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