Cuckoo Argumentative Essay Ideas

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In a British sitcom called Cuckoo, the main character tries to give his father in law some important information on how society works. He begins by explaining how in society there are hunters and there are thinkers. He claims that the hunters go out and provide for the society and support the thinkers. Then the thinkers get to stay back and think. Then he compared himself to a thinker and told his father in law that he was a hunter and should support him while he lives in his house and thinks. Obviously, this conversation did not end as Cuckoo thought it would. The father in law got mad and told him he had to get a job (French). The sitcom did a good job making light of this idea. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe in this ideology, and although they may not mooch off of other people to support themselves, this still causes them harm. The do what…show more content…
If you are one of those people who find their passion, chances are, you won’t be able to support yourself doing it. Jeff Haden compares hobbies with passions, claiming most passions are just hobbies, and you should treat them as such. He writes that if people will not pay you for your passion, you should not make a career out of it. The key to making money is finding a “relevant passion” (Haden). Even understanding this fact, some people still insist that they do what they love. If your passion cannot make you money, do not pursue it as a career. If you do you will be left poor, hungry, and on the streets. Do not fool yourself. Chances are, you are not the next big prodigy. Carl McCoy speaks from experience when he says “there is nothing romantic or noble about being impoverished in pursuit of doing what you love” (McCoy). You will just end up broke and dependent on other people to keep you alive. That helps no one. Therefore, this flaw in the do what you love philosophy proves that it is bad for
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