Cuckoo Bee Pollinators Research Paper

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Caroline T. Cardelle Mrs. Shores
October 19, 2016 The Cuckoo bee Pollinators are very important in today`s world. Plants wouldn’t grow as wonderfully as they do without them. The white house said pollinators contribute more than twenty four billion dollars to the United States. Pollinators also help in the production of seventy five percent of crops and eighty percent of flowers. (Xerces Society) The cuckoo bee is not pollinating on purpose. That’s not what it does for a living. The cuckoo bee is a predator. It lays its eggs in other bee’s nest and leaves them there to eat or manipulate its host brood and it’s host. (Pawelek and Conville) The cuckoo bee lives all throughout the United States and there are even some
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The cuckoo bee doesn’t produce wax or honey. It doesn’t even make its own nest. Instead it targets another bee to plant its eggs in and leave the baby. When it’s looking for a host, it flies low to the ground to conserve energy. The host bee comes back and covers the eggs in little wax cups. Then she adds another layer of wax and vibrates to make the cell thirty degrees Celsius. After about four days the eggs hatch and look like maggots. They stay like that until fourteen days after they hatch. They make silken cones and pupate. They shed their skin four times and after the fourth time they undergo metamorphosis. After another fourteen days, they become young bumblebees. After this, the cuckoo bee would eat the other young bees or even kill the queen. The cuckoo bee’s life purpose is just to plant there eggs in other bee’s nest and have no other responsibilities. This bee never works; it just flies around looking for food. After the young cuckoo bee eats what it wants, it leaves to start its lazy…show more content…
One way you could avoid attracting is no planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables they like. Flowers that the cuckoo bee likes are flowers with very bright color and strong smells. The cuckoo be also loves the color blue, it sticks out to them. Cuckoo bees also like short plants because they cant reach their tongue down to get the nectar. This bee does not like the red flowering saliva or the flowering tobacco because they can`t get the nectar. Flowers to be careful because the cuckoo bee are attracted to are the Mohania, Crocus, Blue Bell, Lenton Rose. When it comes to vegetables the cuckoo bee likes beans, peas, cucumbers, and squash. They don’t really like pumpkins or melons. Trying to avoid attracting this bee could really help bees.(Buzz About
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