Cuckoo Song Character Analysis

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There were many closely knit relationships within the novel Cuckoo Song. Trista and Pen had a sister-like bond. Violet and Trista distinguish a trusting and caring friendship. Trista, her variety of ‘parents’, and their relationships also largely contributed to how the story progressed and ended. Each relationship and the character involved within them were essential to the plot building Trista’s character and influencing the majority of her decisions. Trista had many parental figures, including Violet, the Architect, Celeste, and Piers. The Architect was depicted as a shallow depraved man of dark magic, the Besiders’ leader. He created Trista for the purpose of evil, and she tries her best to avoid his every intention, sometimes even using the powers he gave her to go against him. Trista was determined to demolish her father daughter relationship with the Architect eventually killing him for good. Triss’ parents, or who would have been considered her parents had she not actually been Trista, were Celeste and Piers Crescent. They were overprotective and often pampered and deceived their daughter Triss, setting an even worse relationship between them and their replacement daughter, the perceptive monster Trista. Trista’s only seemingly good type of ‘parental’ relationship was with Violet. Violet was the fiance of Triss’ late brother, Sebastian. She was veiled in deep grief. Violet doesn’t shy away from Trista, in fact, Violet gives the utmost effort to accommodate for Trista, taking her under her wing. Violet…show more content…
Initially, the two had sizable resentment for each other. What had even caused the main conflict had been of Pen’s foolishness. But, with the undergoing pressures and danger, Trista became protective of Pen, their affection for each other became blatantly obvious, and in the end, they established a loving friendship, almost like
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