Cuckoo's Nest Character Analysis

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Molly’s values, norms and beliefs are clearly evident throughout the novel as portrayed through her interactions and ultimately act as the fundamental determinants in her life direction. Molly encompasses and take pride in maintaining values surrounding honesty and having fun and doing what she wants. During Molly’s conversation with Dean Marne concerning her relationship with Faye Raider, Molly’s mindset of pursuing happiness through doing what she wants is illustrated, “’Don’t you find that to be somewhat of an aberration? Doesn’t this disturb you my dear? After all, it’s not normal’ ‘I know its not normal for people in this world to be happy, and I’m happy” (113). Additionally, Molly’s cultural identity is shaped and modified by her norms,…show more content…
First, Molly’s human development is inhibited by her adoptive mother expecting her to behave like a lady and punishing her for success within other roles, such as Student Body President. This lack of freedom to decide what she wants to do is also applicable to her financial constraints that shaped her college decision based on scholarships as well as limitations surrounding her ability to be a film director due to her gender and sexuality. Personally, my human development was ultimately shaped by myself, however, my parents had influence in the background. While my parents expected me to attend college and get a job right after school, I ultimately wanted the same thing for myself and had some freedom in deciding which university to attend as well as what field to get a job in. However, I attended TCU, which they were strong proponents of, and pursuing jobs in the banking industry, which they regard as stable and respectable positions. As far as privileges, Molly essentially had none due to her lack of emotional and financial support from her adoptive family as well as being a minority female and the limitations that society places upon her. In contrast, my privileges were fueled by having strong parental and emotional support from my family as well as
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