Summary Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Rational: The principal purpose of this written work is to depict the views of Nurse Ratched on the situation on her psychiatric ward which is the main location of Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.” Nurse Ratched, the leading antagonist of the story, is the head administrative nurse in the psychiatric hospital; moreover, she is known among the patients as a cold, heartless tyrant. Using old-fashioned and prohibited methods – such as electroshock therapy and lobotomy – she pacifies the patients, stimulatingly seriously harming their health. Throughout the action of the novel, three patients die: Charles Cheswick commits a suicide, Billy Babbit is found dead in the swimming pool, and Randle McMurphy is suffocated by another…show more content…
The officials claimed that all of them had been suicides. Since the moment of this horrific discovery, the hospital’s management has remained silent. Yesterday, on the hospital parking, Alan Spencer succeed in conducting a revelatory interview with the head administrative nurse of the ward, Ms Ratched. Alan Spencer: Nurse, what happened on the ward? Ms Ratched: Nothing special at all. We are deeply sorry for the families’ losses but form the hospital’s perspective this case is closed. Don’t you think that three suicides on the psychiatric ward in such a short period is a intriguing phenomenon? Also, can you remind the names of those patients? As written in the official press release, their names are: Billy Bibbit, Charles Cheswick, and Randle McMurphy. I believe that those suicides have absolutely nothing in common. Those patients were treated with the most successful methods and all the procedures were strictly followed. All of them were serenely mentally ill — in their mental state anything could have
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