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“That was where the pain came from. That where all the hurt came from, but he will kill them all, he would-” (Stephen King Dust Jacket.) Cujo is a novel about a dog that contracts rabies from a bat-which causes him to massacre innocent people. Cujo makes a statement about people or the world because of how real the situation actually is, when it comes to pets, broken cars, and relationships. The story is about the Trenton family, Vic, Donna, and their six year old son Tad, who go to get their car repaired. The local mechanic, Joe, has a dog, named Cujo, a kind friendly dog who becomes a monster; Later in the story, Donna has an affair, causing Vic to abandon his family, when they need him most. Tad and Donna are trapped in their broken car…show more content…
An argument that could be made is Cujo is making a statement about relationships. This story has many layers and components to it other than a dog who kills people. From referencing Vic’s ad agency, to the car scene described earlier, relationship is a key factor in the novel. Donna cheats on Vic, causing him leave her in desperate times, which is also a valid lesson in real life. Steve Kemp, the man who Donna had an affair with, sends Vic a rather vulgar note describing how he enjoyed having intercourse with her. This is what angers him, causing him to leave, unknowing of his wife’s dire situation. Being stuck in a car with Nowadays most people would pull out their cell phones and call for help, however this story was written in 1981. Loyalty is another prominent theme throughout the book. Before the rabies infection Cujo was a very loyal dog to the Cambers’ family. He would resemble the stereotypical dog by getting the newspaper every morning. After the infection, he starts killing the Camberses and causing a problem, the very loyal dog turned into a beast with murderous intentions. Cujo, while not an uplifting tale, tells a very real story containing situations that could possibly happen, which is why it makes such a bold statement about people and the
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