Culinary Scholarship Essay

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I deserve this scholarship because of my passion and ambition for culinary arts. I want to be the best chef I can be and this scholarship would help me achieve that. My passion first started at home with my dad. When I was young I would help my dad make food ever once and awhile, we would make cinnamon rolls, biscuits, brownies, and cakes. My dad taught me the basics of cooking and it came in handy when I started taking culinary classes in 7th and 8th grade. In middle school I got the first chance to take a culinary class and I was able to start learning more about cooking and to begin to gain experience. I got the chance to continue to follow my passion when I came into high school because they offer cooking classes that I took 9th and 10th…show more content…
My family is wonderful and has always supported me in whatever I want to do, but my family has never had much money and at sometime we have lived from paycheck to paycheck. I am hard working and plan to work during college to pay for everything I need, but I won 't be able to pay for living expenses and college at the same time, and my parents can 't afford to pay for college for me and support the rest of my family. I need, and I believe I deserve a scholarship to pursue my passion so I can become great and support myself well and maybe even help support my family. If I get a scholarship to finish college there are many career opportunities I can pursue after I take college classes in culinary arts. I can be a head chef, a baker, a butcher, a caterer, or I could even do food research and development. My biggest goal right now is to go to college and learn everything I need to learn so I can be the best I can be to pursue my life passion to be a head chef in a great community. But without the funding of scholarships I will not be able to complete my goal. It is very hard to save money for college and I personally don 't have a college fund except a good amount that my grandpa has generously set aside for me to help with the cost of
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