Manson's Case: The Manson Family Cult Case

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Manson Family Cult Case Charles Manson was the founder of this cult and he was born to Kathleen Maddox who was a sixteen year old girl with no partner in 1934. He had a rough childhood as his mom became an alcoholic and she would give him money for him to fetch beer for her. His mother was also a prostitute and never paid much attention to him. Later on in his life his mother sent him to boarding school and he lived with his religious aunt and uncle. Charles went back to his mother but she didn’t want him back. He lived on the streets and struggled to survive but got into illegal acts to get money. After many robberies he was put in jail for the first time and one month before he was going to get out he raped a boy in the jail cell by holding…show more content…
He then got involved in the hippie movement and claimed to be a guru. He moved into an apartment with Mary Brunner who was a 23 old student and got her to bring other women to live with them. Soon 18 other woman joined and this was the beginning of the cult. He inflicted fear in this family and told them that assassinations were coming their way which was proved by Martin Luther King’s death and he believed The Beatles White song album was a secret code predicting the horrible future and it was aimed at the Manson family. He got Lynette Fromme who was one of the woman to sleep with someone else and in return gave her free rent. He offered survival and a place to eat and sleep for woman with little to no money and inflicted fear with the impending “doom” of the…show more content…
The abusive and alcoholic mother led him to commit many crimes when he grew up. He was placed in jail for over half his life. When he got to San Francisco and created his cult, it was not based on worship to god but of being the most elite people. Charles told them that they would be safe in the Mojave Desert and he used a lot of manipulation and control over the people. He abused, raped and verbally hurt people for them to stay in the cult and get they “help” they “needed”. They committed many murders of famous people but got caught when one woman confessed during

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