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Cult Fandom This picture shows Dylan and Eric walking through the cafeteria. By this time they had removed their trench coats which had been used to conceal their weapons and they are carrying their guns in their hands, looking for potential targets. As hard as it may be to believe Dylan and Eric have become cult figures, some people even idolize them. The boys have become unlikely heroes especially for teenagers who feel alienated and angry with the world. They are seen by their fans as heroic avengers who stood up for themselves. With the rise in online social media platforms there is a growing fandom for the boys on sites such as Tumblr. These people call themselves "Columbiners" and they create fan art and fan fiction related to the shooters.…show more content…
Unfortunately they were not able to catch him and instead of falling into their arms he fell seven feet and landed on a police vehicles roof. This picture was taken around 2:38pm, almost three hours after the shootings began, and Patrick had already suffered severe blood loss from his wounds. The Weapons of Columbine This picture is of the actual weapons recovered from the Columbine Massacre preserved in a glass case as a grim reminder. The boys began procuring these weapons months before the attack. On the day of the attacks Dylan Klebold was armed with a TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun, high capacity magazines, and a 12 gauge double barreled sawn off shotgun. It is estimated that he fired the handgun around 55 times and shot about 12 rounds from the shotgun. Eric Harris carried a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, which he fired about 25 times and a 9mm carbine with thirteen 10-round magazines. He fired the carbine almost 100 times. Both boys also carried a number of knives on them although they didn’t use these during their attack. Cassie Bernall…show more content…
The three friends were among the first victims of the massacre. Lance was shot in the leg and bullets ripped through his neck and jaw, leaving him alive but disfigured. A Deadly Legacy These are photos of Eric and Dylan who will forever be remembered as mass murderers and the perpetrators of one of the deadliest school shootings in history. But their reign of terror didn’t end the day they killed themselves… The W. R. Myers High School shooting occurred on the 28th of April 1999, just eight days after the Columbine Massacre. This incident was the first, but sadly not the last Columbine related copycat crime. In this case the shooter was a 14 year old boy named Todd Cameron Smith who opened fire on his classmates, killing one and wounding another. Seung-Hui Cho, now known as the infamous Virginia Tech Shooter, was in the eight grade when the Columbine massacre took place. Classmates reported that he was transfixed by the media coverage of the attack and he even wrote an assignment about wanting to “repeat Columbine”. In 2007, armed with two semi-automatic weapons, Cho killed 32 people and wounded 17

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