Cult Of Domesticity Essay

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In the 19th century, the cult of domesticity states that women’s only job is to work as a mother. They are to be in the house cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. It also states they should not be allowed education. As said in Document D, “...the wages of factory girls are higher than those of females engaged in most of other occupations.” This statement contradicts the cult of domesticity in where female’s only job is to be a mother not work in factories. “It is these wages which...have drawn so many worthy, virtuous, intelligent, and well-educated girls to Lowell..” This statement also contradicts the cult of domesticity in which it states that women should not be allowed education. In the other side, the fact that the women are…show more content…
Document I agrees with the fact that women are “fully entitled as man to vote and to be eligible to office.” This document supports women’s rights to its fullest. “While the property and labor of women are subject to taxation, she is entitled to a voice in fixing the amount of taxes and the use of them, when collected,and is entitled to a voice in the laws that regulate punishments.” It agrees that women should have the same rights as men do. Document E states that “if half the effort and expense had been directed to enlighten and improve the minds of females which had been lavished on the other sex, we should now have a very different state of society.” A different state of society by having equal rights for everybody. As the document states that God made females to be a teacher to the human being “has been degraded by men from her high office; or what is the same thing, been denied those privileges of education…” Thanks to who created the cult of domesticity, women had become the shadow of men. They were deprived from their original reason of
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