Cultivating Positive Identity Essay

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“Cultivating Positive Identity” by Laura Morgan emphasizes the importance of a positive identity. People do their best work when they feel good about themselves.That is “positive identity” and it helps people focus and perform better. Cultivating positive identities is not just about inflating people's sense of self-worth;rather it is helping them identify the personal characteristics that help the operate at their best, in ways that also valued by others. The four components of the G.I.V.E model of cultivation positive identities are growing . integrated,virtuous and esteemed selves. The G.I.V.E model is grounded in psychological and organizational research that illuminates the sources of strength fueled by redefininga personal collective…show more content…
Integrity is to being honest and have strong moral values. Honesty and integrity plays and important role in leadership. In a workplace ,staff member sees their seniors as leaders because everyday they learn new things from them. For leaders it is very important to motivate others from their acts , values and belief. To be a leader it is important to say truth and work with dedication so that people will get motivate to be like them and can motivate others too from their act. Last but not least, people need Esteem. People want to be feel appreciated by others. We experience the positive feelings of high self-esteem when we do good work and get appreciated by others.In workplace training also plays an important role in improving skills and performance which will eventually boost self esteem when they get praised by other employees. Working with dedication and hard work and getting appreciated by superiors for their achievement and abilities makes person valuable. Another crucial behavior is making people feel competent.For example if coworker get praised for positive results, people get motivated to be like them , even better by taking their achievement in positive manner. Providing feedback and method for improvements also helps in improving their skills. Giving workers a sense of security through positive work environment and open communication if someone has problem in workplace can also help to boost
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