Cultivation Theory Essay

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Cultivation theory, originally composed by G. Gerbner posits that heavy television exposure can have long-term effects on the attitude of the audience. According to this theory, the audience create a world of ideas and mental content which is analogous thereby, generating a bias towards reality as per the content displayed. This theory is also associated with the Mean World Syndrome because the audience who spend prolonged hours before television tends to believe whatever they’re watching is applicable or true around the world. Ultimately, they believe that the world is mean due to the violence and cruelty depicted in the media. It also has been noticed that as the content changes over time, so does the attitude. Therefore, making it a passive learning theory.…show more content…
All thanks to the media!
1. Women in western clothes are immoral: This is one of the age-old belief where people stereotype women in western wear. This belief spiraled up after casting such female roles with immoral behavior. Now this is very dangerous as these serials are also watched by men around the country and could lead them to conclude that raping or hurting such women is in fact right.
2. The ideal Indian women: This is perhaps the worst side-effect of the Indian soap operas in which an ideal woman is depicted as one who puts up with all kinds of nonsense like adjusting with an unhappy marriage and a torturing mother-in-law. In doing so, they affect the minds of women around the country. The mothers-in-law begin to feel that it’s their birth right to encroach upon the daughters-in-law’s lives unhindered. Fighting back is presented rebellious which in actuality is culturally degenerating.
3. The notion of working women: More often than not, the daughter-in-laws are shown to let go of their careers to show an ideal bahu and to maintain a happy marriage. Now, isn’t that breach of personal
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