Cultural Adversity For Students And Cultural Diversity In ATLAS

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1. In the identified video in ATLAS (Case #2454), the mathematics teacher did a great job in making sure he used cultural appropriateness in his learning outcomes. You can tell from the video that the teacher made sure that everything was out in the open. This mathematics teacher used cultural appropriateness by allowing the students to work in groups to help each other with the math problems. This allows the students to be productive with students of a different culture. Students performed math problems with students who may have learned certain things differently than them. This acknowledges the progress of students learning from each other and working as one. The mathematics teacher also provided his students every opportunity to ask questions and tackle any problem that they needed help with. The diversity of the group brings out different approaches to confront any math problem. One resource that the teacher could use to make sure cultural diversity is expressed, could be to use teaching strategy websites. It is up to the teacher to make sure students are being taught multicultural lessons. The teacher shows consideration in presenting cultural diversity, by letting the students work in groups. The students can absorb any information from other students who have a diverse cultural background. In the video, students were able to convey to their groupmates about the math problem. The mathematics teacher was walking around the classroom, assessing how well the students
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