Cultural And Cultural Differences Between Thailand And Chinese Culture

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Culture has been the important thing to show the identity of any countries around the world. As the world has transportation and communication cross countries, it made many countries accept the culture from the countries that they related with. Thailand also accepted culture from other countries especially, from China. Since many Chinese people immigrated to Thailand and they married to Thai people. A number of people in Thailand are half Chinese. Also, they have to follow their ancestor cultures. This made lots of Chinese cultures has been spread to Thailand. Although, both Thai and Chinese seem to be similar in terms of culture, behavior and religion, there are the specific thing that made Thai and Chinese difference. In general, Thai and Chinese share the same many common Asian cultures such as the importance of seniority and saving faces. Respecting the senior is the essential thing in both Thailand and China. People who do not respect the senior are the bad person and they will not be accepted by the social. When their senior passed away, almost every Thai and Chinese have to visit the gravesite of their ancestors to show their respect. In Thai, they occasionally visit their ancestors’ gravesite when they have free times or on the special holiday such as Songkran festival. There is no special day for commemorating their ancestor’s gravesite. However, for Chinese, they have a special day for paying respect to their ancestor which call ‘Tomb Sweeping Day’. According to

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