Cultural And Cultural Values In International Advertising

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Abstract Advertisements are designed and displayed publically to convey information about a new product to purchase. However, depending on the targeted population, they can raise concerns in Muslim conservative countries if compliance with cultual and cultural beliefs is breached. Hence, rules and regulations governing conveyed messages through advertisements are legislated to ensure that religious and cultural values are observed. Conservative cultures do not accept flashy flesh, sexual and materialistic representations and ideas that do not support the Islamic teachings in the Muslim countries and common ethics in the western world. In absence of particular rules, ethics and common sense are the basic guideline for advertisements. Thus all designed advertisements should adhere to these minimum limitations. Over the last years, standard advertisement in the west has spread worldwide due to globalisation and included in particular Muslim and Golf countries. This has resulted in a variety of reactions from different countries due the breach of compliance with local cultural and cultual beliefs. Culture and religion play a major role in shaping the behaviour of societies and have a great impact on setting regulations for advertisements designated for public display. Hence, not only do culture and religion impact the content and message of advertisements, but also educate the population to deal with various types of advertisement. This paper discusses the impact of cultural
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