Cultural Appropriation In Latino Culture

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Modern society adapts to the views its people holds, which can explain why it seems so divided nowadays. It is as if no one can ever agree on anything. As a country, we are struggling to differ from right or wrong, keeping us on opposite sides. We have different views on everything, from how much gun control there should be to whether immigrants should be allowed and even what classifies as racism. Regarding culture and race, there are many instances which are offensive to some but brushed off by others. Because we should not “see color,” traditions created by people-of-color are being adapted by those who are not in the culture and then passed off as a trend. Instead, Latino culture and other marginalized groups are still being looked down upon while the customs they create are popularized and appropriated. So first, we will discuss what cultural appropriation really is. Then, we will hear about examples of it in Latino culture. Finally, we will explain…show more content…
According to a research study under university graduate Erich Matthes, cultural appropriation can be defined as “the representation of cultural practices or experiences by cultural “outsiders,”” (Matthes, 2). In other words, it occurs when people outside of a culture act as if they are in that culture, even though they do not want to actually be a part of it. Sometimes, it can be accidental, but most occasions of cultural appropriation are intentional. We see appropriation on a daily basis, whether it be the misrepresentation of cultures in film or celebrities manipulating cultural traditions. Take for example, the wearing of dreads by those who are not of African descent, or the display of a Bindi on people who do not have a link to Indian heritage. While these incidences may be brushed off or accepted, the truth is that the people who are behind the culture are often put to shame for their non-European

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