Food Appropriation Essay

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exploitation which a subordinated culture by dominant culture without permission or compensation (Rogers, 2006) and appropriation will be common as globalisation has allowed interactions with different groups of people. One of the common appropriation in this multi-cultural world will be food. As such, Singapore has been accused by Malaysia in appropriating dishes like chilli crab, bak kut teh and nasi lemak along with Americans which also being accused of committing food exploitation of Burritos which created by Mexicans (Wisdom, 2016). These appropriations of food are an act of cultural taking without permission, and in order not to be termed as cultural theft, there is a need to give recognition to the originator of the food. Therefore, this essay will discuss how the appropriation has caused arguments and unhappiness which lead to tension between both countries and people and evaluate the solutions like filling…show more content…
This causes a negative impact to the authenticity of Burritos. In a recent example, two Americans ladies are forced to close their food cart after being criticised for cultural theft. As they learned to make burrito by peeking into windows of every kitchen on a road trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico (Sailor, 2017). This shows that appropriation of Burritos is easily done and means that everyone can create their own version of Burritos just by watching others making it. Therefore, the Mexicans feel uncomfortable as their long history of genuine Burritos are diluting away. The root causes are due to lack of understanding of others. Therefore, people should practice the use culture appropriation in a right way by respecting one another. This promotes empathy, deeper understanding via true interest while discourage stereotyping and discrimination in this modern multi-cultural globalised

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