Personification Of Cool Essay

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The Personification of “Cool”
The term ‘cool’ is broadly defined as what is most relevant and current within youth culture which is also often related to youthful rebellion and breaking boundaries. Young people are the major target audience for many brands and due to the changing times, brands have been forced to be more innovative in their marketing approach to their target market. Brands have drawn in their specific target markets through the commercialization of the ‘cool factor’.
Brands such as Apple and Microsoft have dominated this marketing approach by often associating themselves with artists or events that are highly celebrated by the youth culture (Standage. T, 2010). An example of this would be how Nike stores consistently play music
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Brands are increasingly turning toward guerrilla tactics to amp up their marketing, and a popular method is to use graffiti, or murals, in urban areas. Bhasin. K, 2011

In recent years we have seen various brands across the trade that use graffiti as a marketing strategy in their advertisements or in campaigns. Graffiti has become a dominant method for gruella marketing campaigns such as:

• Audi- “Diesel is not a dirty word” campaign (2010)
This was campaign dedicated to try and sell diesel instead of petrol to its target audience that was generally very reluctant.

• Miller- “Clean Streets” (2010)
They created a great reverse graffiti mural in Romania. Focusing on the cold filtering process behind the beverage. The marketing went as far as projecting the pattern on a large building at night and then outlined and in the day it would be cleaned off.

• Greenpeace- “Trashing the Rainforests” campaign (2012)
This campaign was created to demand that Yum! Brands stop using products from Asia Pulp and Paper in their packaging, which is rapidly eroding Indonesia’s rain forest. “Trashing the rain forest” was tagged everywhere in Los Angeles.

• Suddeutsche Zeitung (German magazine “BMW i3”
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