Cultural Aspect Of Culture

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ulture: Culture refers to the set of shared beliefs, ideas, customs, values etc. by a particular society or a group, which are transmitted from one generation to another, through communication or imitation. It is basically the sum total of a person’s learned, accumulated experience which is socially communicated or behavior through social learning. Culture is a way of life. It also differentiates the people of one group from another. Many countries are populated by immigrants largely, which in turn influence the culture of that particular country. As the countries grow, so does their cultural diversity. Aspects of culture: There exist various different aspects of culture. They are listed below: Art: Art acts as the way of expression for the people. People use modes like painting, sculptures, architecture, music, dance, literature and theater for expressing themselves. Art of one place differs from that of other. Language: Language is the mode of…show more content…
Understanding the culture of a country in which one is planning to set up business is important for its efficient working and also to show respect. Failing to this, the company can be a huge failure and shut down in some time. Different countries have different social structure and follow different cultures. Some are defined while some are closed. For example, in South America business is generally conducted face to face but in Russia, decisions have to be approved by several committees. In a country like Japan, employees have learnt the art of silence while negotiating. This tendency is considered to be confusing by the Americans who are not used to it and they end up thinking that there is a possibility of something gone wrong on their part. Koreans do not question their authority even after knowing that their head is taking a wrong step. If the head is not aware of this mindset, he might get into trouble if he depends upon the Korean sub
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