Cultural Assimilation In Deaf Education

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The Deaf community is a small community which the deaf people share in terms of culture, language, narratives, and customs. Culture, language, narratives, and customs are passed down from generation to generation. The Hispanic community is a community which the Hispanic people share in terms of culture, language, narratives, and traditions and these are passed down from generation to generation, as well. Both Deaf and Hispanic communities parallel in a lot of ways. Deaf students in Deaf Education are prepared mostly by hearing teachers while many Hispanic students are taught by English speaking teachers in the general education classroom. The social justice issues have been a problem for many Deaf people in education, jobs, and communication…show more content…
One example is being looked down as if both groups are not intelligent individuals just because they may not speak, write, or read English. They are perceived “dumb.” A lot of this happened in schools, whether it was general education for the Hispanic children or Deaf Education for the Deaf children. Cultural assimilation was and still is practiced. Cultural assimilation is the “melting pot” by educating the children of minority groups the American way, such as trying to make them like White children or Hearing children (for Deaf children). There are no multicultural materials or texts that can be used in the classroom. This “melting pot” is still practiced and widely accepted today in schools rather than changing it. Often times, educators view these two groups different in terms of being deficits rather than viewing them as advantages. Some schools do not offer Dual Education for Hispanic children, some Deaf Education do not use ASL to teach their Deaf students, most of these children struggle in education because educators are not providing what they need to become successful. Cultural pluralism is the opposite of cultural assimilation. Cultural pluralism is ideal with the appreciation and respect of the minority groups. It includes their language,
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