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Cultural awareness and cultural knowledge are hugely important in the society we live in today. Ireland is transforming into a society of many cultures as growing numbers of people from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures settle here. With 18% of the Irish population in 2030 expected to be foreign national (HSE, 2012) an effort must be made to adapt to these cultures within our healthcare system. All patients have the right to knowledge and information regarding their condition, and it is important that healthcare providers communicate this information in a professional manner. Communication plays a vital role in cultural awareness. It is important to acknowledging the existing cultural diversity in our society and take the correct measures…show more content…
This makes it very hard for any patient to comprehend, in particular those who do not speak fluent English. According to a study carried out by Lerner et al. (2000) there is a deficiency in patients understanding medical terminology. Health care professionals also need to be more conscious of the language and vocabulary used when communicating with patients. Patients often feel intimidated and vulnerable when in a healthcare setting. This can cause fear and apprehension with asking questions and voicing their opinion. It is important to pay extra attention to this issue as it can cause further anxiety. Due to the vast cultural diversity in our society today, many people may not have had any formal education and may be unable to read or write. Health care professionals must not make presumptions and must be aware of these situations. It is important as a health care professional to take the time to effectively communicate with the patient and ensure they understand any paperwork which they may be given. Special attention must also be given to the deaf and blind population. Deaf people whether they speak or sign hear with their eyes (Middleton, 2010). This proves the importance of visual communication with this population. In relation to the blind population health care professionals must also take the correct measures in effective communication. This would include clear concise language which is easy to understand. Complicated medical terminology should be

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