Cultural Awareness In Health Care

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Cultural awareness and cultural knowledge are hugely important in the society we live in today. Ireland is transforming into a society of many cultures as growing numbers of people from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures settle here. With 18% of the Irish population in 2030 expected to be foreign national (HSE, 2012) an effort must be made to adapt to these cultures within our healthcare system. All patients have the right to knowledge and information regarding their condition, and it is important that healthcare providers communicate this information in a professional manner. Communication plays a vital role in cultural awareness. It is important to acknowledging the existing cultural diversity in our society and take the correct measures to communicate effectively. As a result this will ensure the delivery of high quality healthcare. Firstly it is important to identify the existing issues in communication among culturally diverse patients. These include verbal and non-verbal communication, the use of interpreters, body language, the overuse of medical terminology. Most importantly, the initial assessment of a patient is vital to establish their culture, religion, beliefs and traditions.
The most obvious issue in communicating with someone of a different culture is verbal communication. Many foreign nationals living in Ireland today do not speak fluent English which creates difficulties in effective communication. This language barrier can be a huge issue particularly
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