Cultural Background Of Thanksgiving Day

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1.0 Introduction The topic that we are doing for this research assignment is Thanksgiving Day. We basically have to do all kind of studies to learn more about Thanksgiving Day. The aim of doing this report is to help us understand more about Thanksgiving Day by reading into it’s history and learn how a culture can change by time due to different ways of thinking from a generation to another generation. This report consists of the research that we have done on the history and background of Thanksgiving Day, the way of celebration, meaning of Thanksgiving Day in different countries and also how Thanksgiving Day relates to the different cultural analysis elements such as cultural tourism, globalization and commodification. 2.0 Methodology The sources that we used as references when we do this report are mainly from some websites that we found online because there is not much hardcopy sources such as magazines or newspaper for us to refer to since Thanksgiving Day is not a culture in Malaysia. We faced a challenge finding information outside of the world of Internet so we chose to go online and finally we found some useful information to be used in this report. 3.0 Cultural Description 3.1 History of Thanksgiving The Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving festival in the colonies to share their harvest feast in 1621. Thanksgiving days started celebrated by individual colonies and states after two centuries. In the midst of the

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