Thanksgiving Research Paper

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1.0 Introduction

The topic that we are doing for this research assignment is Thanksgiving Day. We basically have to do all kind of studies to learn more about Thanksgiving Day.

The aim of doing this report is to help us understand more about Thanksgiving Day by reading into it’s history and learn how a culture can change by time due to different ways of thinking from a generation to another generation.

This report consists of the research that we have done on the history and background of Thanksgiving Day, the way of celebration, meaning of Thanksgiving Day in different countries and also how Thanksgiving Day relates to the different cultural analysis elements such as cultural tourism, globalization and commodification.

2.0 Methodology
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An articulation of appreciates to survival. Through the hundreds years, families had added their traditions to the Thanksgiving festival to protecting the most valuable. When the people are being together to celebrate one common purpose, it let people gather in unity to refreshing and invigorating. It is a time of healing and reconciliation from conflict. It is not just share our victories and struggles, however we find strength and hope.

Besides that, different generations brings their significance and purpose to the wealth of their legacy. They brought their old photos and the meaningful knick-knacks, the prayer of Thanksgiving before enjoy their meals are form a legacy in Thanksgiving family.

In the thanksgiving day, we appreciate all the gifts that had present in our life, such as family, friends and health). So, we can provide our resources to helps others. It is a action of “giving-thanks” that we decide to stretch ourselves and help others who are
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To God, it is a language as act of worship. If it is possible, thanksgiving extended to any things or any people, aside from God. “ I remember this things pour out my soul, the way that I used to go with the multitude, the process leading to the house of God, with enjoy and thanksgiving among the festival throng” (Psalm 42:4). Previously, Nehemiah assembled two choirs to give thanks for God to celebrate successes of colonists. Other then that, “the Levites were searched out from where they lived and were conveyed to Jerusalem to praise blissfully and commitment with songs of thanksgiving” (Nehemiah

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