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Multiculturalism is an ideology that intends to promote cohesion in society through identifying diversity of population and celebrating it. It is an integration that aims to construct a heterogeneous workforce with mutual tolerance. Individual endorsement of a multicultural identity by the group members has been shown to be positively linked with positive attitudes towards ethnic minority group. However, when the ethnic group is perceived to be threatening, then a more multi-culturally aware society reacts in a more negative way as compared to a non-multicultural society. Canada and Australia were the pioneering countries to adopt multiculturalism as a policy. Canada adopted this policy to tackle English-French conflict for social cohesion…show more content…
Multiculturalism makes people tolerant of each other even if they are from different backgrounds. Proponents of multiculturalism claim that government can enhance social equality by providing space to cultural minorities. (Bloemraad, 2011). According to Metz (2014) multiculturalism can cater to the issues attached with globalization specifically increased flow of immigrants. Moreover, multiculturalism as a public policy leads to talent attraction which helped Canada to attract skilled workforce and financial capital, which placed Canada in most competitive G-8 nations. Similarly, Australia has been able to attract international students who contributed AUD 16.3 billion to the Australian economy. Bloemraad (2011), further asserts that According to OECD 89 percent of working age immigrants in Canada acquired Canadian citizenship due to her multicultural policies. Metz (2014) states If the countries welcome new people then it will attract more skills and talent. Attracting skilled individuals and entrepreneurs has contributed Canada and Australia economically and socially and has improved standard of living in both countries. Furthermore, Multiculturalism policies in Canada and Australia also gave rise to natural trade links which means that there was increased trade between countries, increased inflow from other countries and increased foreign direct

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