Cultural Biases And Racism In Racism

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Experts argue that cultural biases and stereotypes have been reflected through the increasing number of incidents of Caucasian law enforcement abuse towards African Americans. Examples of this are the killings of African Americans which occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore. A peer-reviewed New York Times article entitled “What Happened in Ferguson?” discussed the death of Ferguson resident Michael Brown. Brown, an unarmed black teenager, robbed a convenience store of its cigars minutes before being fatally wounded and shot an additional six times by young white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri during August of 2014 (Buchanan et al. 2). After the unnecessary, portrayed as “defensive” actions of Wilson, protests rattled the country regarding Caucasian police brutality towards African American men. Following Ferguson, police brutality was exemplified later in Baltimore. In “Nonviolence as Compliance,” Ta Nehisi Coates, a cultural and social journalist for The Atlantic, a well known developing cultural and literary commenting American Magazine, described the Baltimore events. Freddie Gray, a young African American from South Baltimore, was found with a switchblade walking on the street and was relentlessly beat into the ground by officers until his spinal cord was fatally fractured (Ta-Nehisi 7). Despite the loss of innocent Gray and overwhelming evidence against the officers, a white dominated Baltimore courtroom released the police officers accused with
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