Cultural Capital In Bourdieu

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Cultural capital and habitus will definitely impact one’s life in one way or another. First I would like to explain what is cultural capital and habitus in Bourdieu’s perspective. Followed by the three areas in life where cultural capital and habitus has an impact on, which are social, academic and employment. I would include some examples to aid the understanding of the impact in each aspect. Bourdieu strongly believe that the engraved habitus and cultural capital within individuals classify our social hierarchy which cannot be modified against our given class in society (Allan 2013).
Bourdieu pays attention to four different kinds of capital, economic, social, symbolic and cultural. I am only going to focus on cultural capital and habitus,
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Relationship between parent and children is essential for a successful nurturing of cultural capital into their lives (Esther 2014). Family and home is fundamental to one’s life, thus family relations play a huge role in disseminating cultural capital to young ones. (Silva 2005). Taste, knowledge, and abilities are things that are being nurtured into one’s life by the family that they are born into. This shows that family holds the crucial role in determining social order, reproduction of structure and social connections in one’s life (Silva 2005). In a study conducted in the United Kingdom, a child’s communicating means is significant to his or her language development. Quoting that parents involvement in language development is crucial. (Roulstone et al. 2011). This indicates that without proper language up bringing given by parents it will affect the child’s ability to communicate with family members and mates in school thus leading to difficulties in making important social connections. This in turn results in a lack of social skills such as making friends and relationships with the educators. Not having a good social life in school would lead to negative impacts like dropping out of school due to lack of social integration (Wilcox et al.…show more content…
An educational oriented habitus that is being nurtured into one’s life greatly impacts one’s academic achievement (Wong 2012) . A study conducted in United States regarding the impact of habitus on the connection between cultural capital and habitus stated that cultural capital such as reading habits do have a beneficial effect on GPA. In other words, a correct habitus that matches a correct field (education) will result in higher achievements (Gaddis 2013). An example would be a study that was conducted in United Kingdom about two British girls having the placed in the same field but have different educational goals. One of the girls had an appropriate educational oriented habitus where she was self-regulated in completing her work on top of her parents regularly checking up on her work (Wong 2012, Foucault 1985). The act of her parent’s involvement in her education journey reinforced the importance of education in life. An additional factor that results in the positive relationship between habitus, cultural capital and academic excellence is that she herself have an undying interest in the particular field that she excel in which is science. (Wong 2012) This shows that one’s habitus in the educational field such as reading, understanding the methodologies used and interests form the habitus and it does affect one’s educational achievements. Also, one’s cultural capital is about the knowledge, resources and experiences in a particular
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