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Thank you to everyone who nominated me for Cultural Chair. For me, I was involved with cultural events throughout High School. I was involved with International Festival and Vietnamese New Years. I always wanted to learn more from other cultures because I know it is important to know about others if you want them to understand about your culture. It is quite unique how few cultures are similar to each other. If I were chosen as cultural chair, I would love to come up with a mini international festival where we can co-host with other organization. It would be great to see how diverse our community is. Furthermore, I have experience on planning events where I need to know the budget that is needed, how many people to volunteer, how
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When I first stepped into the door for the first general meeting, I felt like I was in a different world. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. With the rush events, it helped me understand more about Kappas and the sisters and I have to say, Ayumi and Katie did an outstanding job. From that point on, I know that I want to become rush chair. I want to be able to interact with people who needed a support system like me. I knew how it felt like being an outcast and I wanted others to see that Kappas is the right place for them where they will have a mentor, a supporter, and a family. If I was chosen as rush chair for next semester, my main goal is to increase 50% of new potential members compare to this semester. Furthermore, I will use my creativity to come up with amazing events such as making jewelries or decorating cupcakes. I want to use this opportunity to share my experiences with people who are interested in Kappas and let them know that they are always welcome to join and we will always be there for them.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for Sisterhood Chair. I believe sisterhood is very important because we need to keep a tight bond in our colony. This will help us understand each other more and spend quality time together. For events, I would like to have about 4 each semester such as a tea party, movie night, dinner, or workout classes. Furthermore, I will make sure to split duties within
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