Cultural Challenges In International Social Work

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SAG030.15106.2017: Social Work and Social Problems 15 cr, Campus, HT17
Instructor: Komal Singh Rambaree
Essays Examination (75%) Friday 3 November 2017
Student: Jamal Hima

Discuss any two factors that influence international social work invention effectiveness.
Key Issues like Environment Economy Politics, language, Local culture, Migration, traditions and legal frameworks, all of these factors can make big challenges and have different impacts on the effectiveness of the intervention in international social action.
All factors are very important in the on international social work practice, and I will try to address the role and the influence of cultural and environmental factors on international social work.
The role and impact of
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Is to recognize that the ancient foundations of the profession based on modernist assumptions do not correspond to the social environmental approach aimed at protecting the natural environment.
The role and impact of the cultural factor on the effectiveness of international social action:
Culture is a global phenomenon that reflects its general concept, diversity, codes of conduct, and awareness. Social workers people who are sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and their primary task is to end all forms of social injustice.
Cultural challenges and international social action There are significant differences in the role and significance of the cultural factor in society from one region to another.
To fully understand and appreciate some of these differences, social workers must be familiar with different cultural traditions and traditions because it is noted that culture may affect how individuals deal with problems and interact with one another. What is evaluated as behaviorally appropriate in one culture or country what can be assessed as a problem in another
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This forces social workers around the world to learn more about the forces and global elements that influence international social action so that they can intervene positively and effectively.

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