Cultural Challenges Of Culture And Cultural Diversity In Malaysia

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Malaysia is a multiracial country which includes three major national that is Chinese, Malayan and Indian with other minority aborigines. Each of the racial has different culture such as religion, language, education and others. Thus, in order to live in Malaysia harmony, we have to understand their culture with mindfulness. Actually, there is some cultural discrimination issues occur in Malaysia due to different race. Some Chinese people always complain that they have been treat in unfair in many aspect such as promotion in government sector, priority chance of university or applying scholarship and others. In other side, some Malay people always think that Chinese is outsider and have bias on Chinese people. On this account, misunderstandings arise when people use their own way to judge others people with different culture. Actually, people have to learn to understand others’ cultural values and become central when we interact with others people from different cultural background. People are not born to be bias but they had been affected by some issues, environments or people mouth. Here I have one personal experience to be a strong example, I was dislike Malay people before. I feel that they are different from me, their apparel are different and the most important is the people around me also dislike Malay people thus I have been affected by them since I was a little girl. However, I have changed my mind after I start my internship. I know some Malay colleagues who are

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