Cultural Changes In Childhood

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The term childhood is a term with a variety of aspects and facets and carries no one definition. Childhood has been viewed different globally over different periods of time. It is very subjective and variations in biological make up, economic status and the environment lead to individual differences in children’s paths of life and resulting competencies. Nature and nurture both contribute towards shaping the childhood experiences which are increasingly diversified .Thoughts, feelings and behaviour as a whole is affected by the wide variety of influences in biology, social and cultural context. ( Stearns 2006).
Change in childhood is fluid and ongoing. Childhood has evolved considerably over the history .In the modern world children are seen as active participants and social actors in the society. Today we are ingrained with western concepts of childhood which has somewhat universalized the way children are seen. Each culture though has its impact on growing children; the effect more or less has been diluted due to globalization.
When discussing childhood in the historical context we notice that the political, economic, technological, social and cultural changes that took place in the 18th century Europe, and changed childhood completely. Prout (2005 p.10)quotes Cunningham(1991:7) “between the late seventeenth and mid –twentieth centuries there occurred a major and irreversible change in the representations of childhood ,to the point where all children throughout the

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