Cultural Changes In The 1950's

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The United States is a country with ever-changing morals, social norms, and ideas. Triggered by significant events such as new laws or wars, the changes that occur usually result in altered attitudes towards existing morals, norms, and ideas. One of the country’s most important changes was the huge cultural shift among young people that took place during the 1960s which had an immense influence on society.
The 1950s was a decade most do not pay much mind to due to it typically being seen as untroubled and quiet, although many things both good and bad, were growing under the surface. Sandwiched between the war-ravaged 1940s and the explosive 1960s, the 1950’s was a time of great growth and prosperity in many aspects. It was seen as “the calm before the storm of social chaos that swept over the country in the more contentious 1960s.” It was indeed a time we perceive as innocent, wholesome, and peaceful. The U.S. was recovering from World War II and GIs were coming home. They started new lives in suburban, middle class utopias hoping to achieve the American dream (Shmoop Editorial Team). Veterans reaped the benefits of the GI Bill which helped them return to daily civilian life. Because of a return to normality after years of a depression and war, GIs could go back to school, raise a healthy family, or even start a business. Couples were
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The differences in their lives were a result of a counterculture movement ignited by significant events such as the Vietnam war and Civil Rights Movement. Although the movement of the 60s is one that had a large impact, there have been countless other movements throughout history that have done the same. Positive effects such as an emphasis on individuality, the ability to challenge tradition, and free thinking are what made the youth of 1960s such a different bunch than those of the decade
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