Cultural Changes In The 1960s

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Each decade is different; it’s either a breakthrough or a disappointment. Booming and freewheeling, the 1960s were a big time of change. Sometimes change is annihilative, and other times it’s rewarding. Compared to present day, the 1960s was clearly very different. Music, social norms, and politics are a few changes seen across the decades. The first contradistinction stated, is music. In The Watsons Go To Birmingham, a few songs are mentioned from the decade. After buying a mobile record player, Kenny’s father plays ‘his and Wilona’s’ song. A couple well known songs back in 1960 were “Under the Boardwalk” (The Return of Bruno) by The Drifters and “Yakety Yak” (Twist & Shout) by The Isley Brothers (and Ray Ellis). Today’s music is very dissimilar…show more content…
In the book, Red Scarf Girl, China is trying to get rid of “Four Olds”, “...tight pants and pointed shoes are what the Western bourgeoisie admire. For us proletarians they are neither good-looking nor comfortable. What’s more, they are detrimental to the revolution so we must oppose them resolutely.” Similarly, in China, the social norms never really changed. If the Cultural Revolution hadn’t happened, the social norms would have stayed the same. There are just different ways of keeping the social norms (such as to keep fair skin, women cover their faces with a mask at the beach). American social norms have definitely changed since 1960; today’s social norms are just nonsensical. Stressed and executed, the last inconsistency is politics. In the book While The World Watched, George Wallace says, “Segregation today! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!” Obviously segregation in the south is gone, but there are still a few differences. For example, the president in 1963 was John F. Kennedy and he was a democrat. Donald Trump, our newly elected president, is also a democrat. Though there are different presidents, our government is still run the same, and the both presidents were for the same political
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