Cultural Characteristics Of Culture

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Culture Characteristics:

Culture has many definitions and it affects everything people do within their society, these effects influence the individual’s ideas, values, and attitudes and normative or expected patterns of behaviour (Hall, 1976). Culture cannot be seen as a genetic inheritance and can’t exist on its own, rather it is values shared by members of a society (Hall, 1976). According to Kelleher, H. (CEO of Southwest Airlines) culture is what people do when no one is looking, for example, it is how individuals engage within societies and how this can have an impact on others and their behaviours (Armstrong, 2005). Similar to West Europeans values, Finland’s values are based around the same democratic approach, self-determinism, and equality for women and work ethic which provides a more legitimate society that engages modestly with its people (Lewis, 2005). Notably, the Finish culture is of high commitment which features a society of high cohesiveness and people eager and committed to complete action chains (Hall, 1976). Furthermore, in Finland an individual’s word is his or her bond and a promise for others to take, this is important to note when planning or doing business with the Finns (Lewis, 2005). Another Finish cultural characteristic to be aware of is they believe in doing one task at a time and carrying out these responsibilities in a modest manner, additionally Finns continue to have difficulty boasting about themselves and find it considerable impolite

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