Examples Of Cultural Collision In Things Fall Apart

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Cultural collisions is when two things crash into each other, when two of totally different situations turns into a conflict. In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe it is a model of tragedies that can be compared to several things. Okonkwo is the perfect example for a tragic hero. Okonkwo sense of identity was challenged for many reasons. Okonkwo response to the collision of culture is by ignoring it like it just doesn’t exist around him. He disagree with the west ideas and believe that the Ibo people should come together. His identity is challenged by the cultural collision because before the western people came he was in charge of everything, he was well respected and feared by most might as well say all. Now that the western people is in…show more content…
He works hard to become a better person rather than his father. He is driven by fear of being like his father. He is determined to not resemble his father in any way. Okonkwo does not want to be like his father that’s why he strive to be the person he is now. His father has nothing going for himself he’s lazy and don’t want to be nothing in life. Okonkwo just wants to be respected by his clan but being like his father isn’t going to get him respect. When Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna he felt bad and had a guilty conscious from that day on. He wouldn’t eat nor drink he would be too depressed to do anything. All he has been doing is worrying about Ikemefuna and how he felt bad. All he could do was to think about Ikemefuna , he couldn’t sleep nor walk. He felt so bad and worried, he probably felt guilty about it and knew that he was wrong. As he told Ezinma to bring him some cold water she hurried and rushed out to get some because she was so concerned on why he wasn’t eating.Then later on something bad happened. But Okonkwo plays a huge part in Things Fall Apart he brings out the intense pressure in the story. He sets everything off, he has a huge effect on his family especially his wives. Okonkwo’s response to this evidence is sorrow because over the time that the white men have came and affected their culture. From the novel
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