Cultural Colonialism And The Benefits Of Cultural Imperialism

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CULTURAL IMPERIALISM ABSTRACT:- Cultural imperialism is the hegemony of industrialized nations who through their powerful economic impact has managed to set standards as to what is ideal and correct for the whole world. Their perception of cultural superiority was spread by electronic media which has a tremendous impact on the whole civilization. Cultural imperialism is now being recognised as a negative force and attempts at making a multicultural society is being taken up that shows tolerance to all, inclusiveness of all and routing out of any bad elements in any culture. Cultural imperialism has sought to streamline production in large quantities and also promote standardization of cultural values and standardization of civilisation and cultural environment throughout the world. This has caused erosion of primitive cultures that was limited to small geographical areas. The benefits of these cultures were that they lived in harmony with nature and did not use nature to their advantage. Reversal of the changes brought about by cultural imperialism is now not possible but attempt should be made to preserve the primitive cultures by integrating them into the imperialists’ cultures. This way the benefits of both could be integrated into the society and be utilized for betterment of civilization. INTRODUCTION:- Cultural Imperialism is referred to the practice of promoting and imposing a culture on nations who are politically and economically less powerful by nations who rule

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