Cultural Competence And Multicultural Counseling

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1.According to Sue and Sue what is Cultural Competence? Give personal examples on where you are now in the development of cultural competence and how you plan growing in each of the three areas. (20 pts.) According to Sue and Sue Cultural Competence is the person 's ability to engage in actions or create conditions that maximize the optimal development of client and client systems. The goals of Cultural Competence is to help professionals become actively involved in the process of being aware of their own values, biases and assumptions about human behavior. Another goal of Cultural Competence is to help professionals to understand the world view of their culturally diverse clients, and to develop and practice appropriate, relevant and sensitive…show more content…
For the African American client who is who is feeling depression because he does not fits in at an Evangelical College, I would help the client identity where he is at the RCID model, and help him to understand what is keeping him from reaching the optimal stage, which is integrative awareness. Perhaps by helping him understand where he is right now in the RCID model, he will be able to understand why he is having trouble fitting in.
3. Describe some of the barriers to effective multicultural counseling and how they might interfere in counseling someone form a Haitian culture, who was born here but whose parents do not speak any English. Include issues such as acculturation and racial cultural identity? (20 pts.) Some of the barriers to effective multicultural counseling is the acculturation conflicts that individuals face as they come from different cultures and are suddenly exposed to cultural standards that are contrary to their culture background. For someone from a Haitian culture but who was born here, some of the barriers would be disciplining their children, because for the Haitian culture it would be acceptable to physically punish a child, where in the USA it would be seen as a negative behavior or even as a
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Another potential issue is that a Haitian child would never look at an adult in the eyes, that would be a sign of disrespect or defiance, so they would lower their head, which in the USA would be view as a lack of respect. The client will also be in one of the stages of The Racial/Cultural Identity Model which will also cause an interference in the counseling session, for instance, if the client is at the dissonance stage, he/she will be in conflict between attitudes and beliefs towards the self as well as attitudes and beliefs about members of their own culture. As the counselor, multicultural counseling involves helping the client move from where they are currently into a more integrative awareness stage.
4. In the Movie Amazing Grace the issue of following God vs being involved in politics was not divided but one issue. Please comment on how Wilberforce addressed that in his life (give specific examples). (10 pts) Wilberforce addressed this issue after he is introduced to some of the anti-slavery crusaders of the time, it was a difficult time, because the economy of England depended on the slavery trade. But Wilberforce have people in his life that encourage him to tacked the issue of slavery, people like Newton who at one point was a slave ship captain, but he had repented and he was encouraging Wilberforce to not give up, but to continue his fight until there was no more slave
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