Health Care Cultural Analysis

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Australia is known to have one of the most diverse cultural societies around the world. It is home to a number of cultural and language groups even prior the European settlement. While some of the practices and languages have become obsolete, many had survived. Statistics showed that as of the 1940s, more than 5 million people have chosen to live permanently in Australia. More than 400 languages are now being spoken in different parts of the country and more than 250 ancestries were already identified. The aforementioned figures showed how Australia obtained its vast cultural diversity. One of the most important elements that a social organization needs is health service. Nurses have a primary responsibility of providing relevant and appropriate…show more content…
The data gathered will then be used to tailor values and care practices for individuals so that they can be provided with culturally competent care. It had contribute to the development and evolution of nursing care, health organisations and communities as the theory focused on the holistic approach of human caring and the comparative analysis of cultural diversity and dynamics of cultures in relation to personal caring values, behaviours and beliefs. ----,---- stated that during the last five decades, the acceptance and support of the need to prepare the health care force which includes the practitioners, facilities and clients to deliver culturally competent care has tremendously grown. Specifically for nurses, whether they are at the bedside, community, school or administration, their cultural competency have had influential and important outcomes. Some of the notable impacts of the transcultural nursing theory in the society include elimination of enduring disparities concerning the health status of populations with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, enhancement of the quality of health services and results, implementation of mandates and legislations that protects the indigenous clients, acquisition of competitiveness in the market and reduction in the risks of liabilities and…show more content…
Several malpractice cases at the present include matter involving cultural incompetence. The statement was supported by ---,---- when he mentioned that lack of knowledge about transcultural nursing and the refrainment from the assessment of cultural care can have unwanted effects. A good example would be when a nurse makes assumptions based on a client’s physical look rather than conducting a cultural assessment first may impact the patient by inflicting cultural pain and creation of barriers in care and communication. Physiological effects of cultural insensitivity can cause stress, increased and abnormal heart rate, increased blood pressure and other manifestations that can add up to a patient’s condition. This was agreed upon on by ---,--- when he noted that patients often win legal battles against health practitioners who were sued because of cultural malpractice and negligence. Aside from the importance of cultural competence between health practitioners and clients, it is also of great value and significance between health care professionals in the workplace. Every staff belongs to one or more group and an awareness of each culture is necessary to develop a healthy work relationship. According to ---,--- without sufficient cultural awareness, personal appraisal and sensitivity, the interaction between the staff will form
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