Cultural Competence In Health And Social Care

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Cultural competence has been defined as “the ability of individuals to establish effective interpersonal and working relationships that supersede cultural differences” by recognizing the importance of social and cultural influences on patients, considering how these factors interact, and devising interventions that take these issues into account(Lee,Buse,&Fustukian,2002). In a diverse world, when developing life changing policies culture must be considered. Policies can be influenced by culture in many different ways. Involving culture in policy development can be benefitcal because it considers. Cultural competence, is the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, helps to ensure the needs of all community members are addressed(Lee,Buse,&Fustukian,2002). Cultural diversity Diversity is a benefit to the world, because it allows us to experience different cultures and build relationships. People differ in many ways and but despite…show more content…
(UNESCO,2017) When developing health policies we must take the targeting population into consideration. We must understand inividuals and community needs and beliefs. Policies are created based on needs but does not always accomodate beliefs. A policy is any course of action followed primarily because it is expedient or advantages in a material sense(Adhikari,2012). Many policies are developed because there are problems that need to be addressed and policies intentions is to fix those problems.. The soultion to the problems may be simple until other factors become involved such as culture. Cultural factors can cause health policies to fail because policies can be straight to the point and not consider different beliefs, views, or
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