Importance Of Cultural Competence In Healthcare

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I think some of the best ways that healthcare providers can become more culturally competent, is through the training of healthcare providers and future healthcare providers. There should be some sort of training in culture that will facilitate and improve the ability of those in healthcare and those interested to become culturally competent. As a person who is not personally culturally competent, I would love to go out and work in places that are known to have different cultures than what I know, and to observe physicians working in said places. Not only to see different places but to learn the best way to engage with people of different cultures. In doing this, it will facilitate proper, respectful communication and body language towards…show more content…
Language is incredibly important, in my perspective. To me if one speaks my language, I am more likely to trust them and give my attention compared to those talking in a language I am unfamiliar with or do not understand. Also, when an interpreter is not available during the workday, the patient(s) should have the right to have someone speak to them in their native tongue if it is not English. I think it would be most impactful if the translation was through their own doctor, nurse or other provider, rather than a person such as a translator that speaks over the phone, because the provider is the most familiar with their case and ask the questions in a better way. From personal experience, using a translator phone with the translator not in the same room to communicate with patients and their families, it is difficult and involves repeating yourself and causes frustration throughout visit for the patient as they want help, justly, but it is a longer process. Therefore, I think a second language is vital as time goes on for the future of healthcare providers to become culturally

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