Explain Why Developing And Maintaining Cross-Cultural Competence

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1. What is cultural competence?
“Cultural competence is a developmental process that evolves over an extended period. Both individuals and organizations are at various levels of awareness, knowledge and skills along the cultural competence continuum” (NCCC, n.d, P1). As words, cultural competence may seem to mean, it does not deal cultural imperialism or ethnocentrism. It is not competing your culture with others to make yours to be obeyed and followed by others. However, it the act of understanding one another cultures, no blame, and no mistake attached to individual culture. This required having general standard of norms, which do not favor and harm any culture, to follow in an organization and let customers be a part of the decision making. For having good results, there must be a feeling of diversity in the organization (NCCC, n.d).
2. Three ways that culture impacts communication between people.
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Explaining why developing and maintaining cross-cultural relations is a useful skill.
Since the world has come to globalization, it is important to understand other’s culture and have an approach to cultural universals. Stop using your belief to judge others culture since it may create biases. Understanding others culture based on their culture standards is the key solution to maintaining good relationship with anyone from any culture. Developing and maintaining cross-culture relation will help you much with in the following.
• You do not experience culture shock. “Eventually, as people learn more about a culture, they recover from culture shock.” (OpenStax College, nd, P7)
• You develop a society of pleasure rather than developing conflicts (OpenStax College, nd)
As globalization increases, people interact with different culture in their jobs. Maintaining cross-culture will always be the key to succeed. Always keep being positive, respect other’s culture, be eager to learn from them and know what their demands and needs

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